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We offer a comprehensive range of products for the forklift industry with wheels and tyres made from diverse polymer materials.

Wheels for forklifts
We work in close partnership with world leading forklift manufacturers and with some of the biggest distributors in the world.

Wheels for forkliftIn our facilities in Sweden, USA and China we produce polyurethane wheels, and in Sri Lanka industrial tyres for forklifts.

Based on your application and working conditions we offer you the optimize design and tread materials to maximize the performance at competitive cost.

Our standard materials for warehouse trucks are:

  • Rubber wheels - high friction, excellent comfort
  • Powerfriction® - high friction, high comfort
  • Powerthane® - good all-round performer
  • VULKOLLAN® - maximum load and life
  • AC85 - high speed AC equipment drive tyres
  • Retire - ISO 14001 environmental hub recycling programme
  • Smoothy - The only press-on tyre in the world with zero runout.

For counterbalance trucks we offer Elastomeric industrial resilient tyres.